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As featured in the St. Cloud Times.


Family First Immigration Services announces it is open for business, and ready to help immigrants.

Family First Immigration Services is a woman-owned start up, helping immigrants with family-based immigration applications.

July 13, 2021 – Family First Immigration Services today announces it is open for business, servicing U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents by providing fair access to assistance with their family-based immigration applications. This is new ground for Minnesota, with Family First Immigration Services as the first company to offer inbound immigration services. The company aims to promote family unity by helping customers bring their family members to the U.S. or keep them here.


Family First Immigration Services will fill in the necessary immigration paperwork for its customers, whether they are immigrating their fiancé, parents, spouse, siblings or children. The company is setting itself apart by dedicating some of its profit to pro bono applications for immigrants with compelling stories, which is a first in the industry.


“When immigrants first apply for their immigration benefit, they are usually unable to work or drive, and their family member is left to support at least two people on their wage while the government processes their immigration application. On top of the government fees, which are thousands of dollars, the immigrant and their family are left to decide whether they should attempt a DIY application, and risk denial, meaning loss of government fees and potential deportation for their loved one, or spend another few thousand to hire an attorney. We’re here to change that,” said Stacey Rogers, Founder and CEO.


In 2019, the top 20 immigration states saw a total of just under 628,000 family immigrants, according to data published on the government website. Approximately 12% of those applications would have been denied, meaning just under 75,500 families were at risk of losing their loved one. Family First Immigration Services is in the perfect position to help the increasing number of family members attempting to immigrate. Family First Immigration Services’ tailored immigration packages are available immediately, meaning immigrants no longer need to be a part of the 12% statistic by doing a DIY application.


“As an immigrant myself, I know the unique challenges and successes that our customers are going through. My primary focus is to ensure that our customers have access to high quality, low-cost assistance with their immigration applications. Applications that do not have complicating factors such as prior deportation do not need a costly attorney, just a guiding hand to ensure accuracy,” said Rogers.

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